Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why Can't I be French-Canadian?

1. Talking to my baby sister reminds me of the essential fact that college is a lot like middle school, only there's more alcohol involved and the boys are taller than the girls.

I think I've mentioned this many times before but it only gets more true.

2. Thank you, Disney, for bringing me clarity via "Au dela de la Riviere." And besides, I just really like translations.

"J'attends, j'espère
Qu'au détour de la rivière
Il sera là
Venant de la mer
Rien que pour moi
Dans un rêve de lumière
Au détour de la rivière
Au détour de la rivière"

is not the same as

"Je vois au loin,
Au-delà de la rivière
Tout mon destin,
Au-delà des mers.
Que vais-je faire?
Pourquoi donc mes rêves vont-ils
Au-delà de la rivière?
Au-delà de la rivière"

is not the same as

"I look once more
Just around the riverbend
Beyond the shore
Somewhere past the sea
Don't know what for ...
Why do all my dreams extend
Just around the riverbend?
Just around the riverbend"

So how do you understand it all? How do you recraft songs, lines? I'm kind of mesmerized. I'm going to go ahead and say I'd be really bad at this, but I like the art and the science of it.

3. Confusion is contagious. In a bad way. I think John Patrick Shanley would agree. I read something in the preface of Doubt about it.

4. Speaking of translations, I would have gotten into the musical Tanz der Vampire a heck of a lot earlier--as in, a really long time ago, had I realized it had "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in it. I mean, what the... ? It's trippin'. It makes me laugh. I mean, you're wearing FANGS and you're singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart!"

I'm not a vampire person, but if I ever were to work on a vampire show, this would probably be it.

Ok. I'm a sellout so I will probably work on a vampire show, and it will probably be Lestat. Who am I kidding? I want to be the best dramaturg--ever--and I want to work in a big city.

It'll be Lestat.

It won't be Frank Wildhorn's Dracula. (Thank goodness.)

But I'll wish it was Tanz der Vampire.

(Dang, now that I think about it, the past ten years have had a lot of pretty horrible vampire musicals.)

(Vampire musicals seem to now be on the outs; it's all about zombies now. Evil Dead The Musical was only the beginning. I'm calling it.)

5. I can't wait for the summer because I'll have time to read G.K. Chesterton again. How exciting.


Anonymous said...

HI, Claire.
This is my comment. On Sunday, I met a real French-Canadian. She was born and raised in French-Canada. I say that because I can't remember which province it was but they spoke French in her school and English at home. She majored in French and English and taught before having kids. We met at John's Art Show and Music Gig. It was the perfect opportunity for me to tell her about my awesome daughter in college who tested out of French. I didn't tell her that you were auditing a French class now or that you have a thing about translations. You just can't go into too much detail the first time you meet someone.
But I can't answer the question you have raised....why can't YOU be French-Canadian? Probably because God has made you Kenersville-Catawban instead.
Love you, MOM

John Alston said...

Ben Barnes modeled his accent after Mandy Patinkin in Princess Bride.

"Hello. My name is Caspian. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Actually, other then Ben Barnes it looks pretty good. Maybe he will grow on me, idk.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? They pushed back the release date to add a battle scene that wasn't in the book!

All I can say is, it better be REALLY cool.

I admit it. There's a part of me that wants to watch "Iron Man."

Anonymous said...

whoa, wonderkid. Good post... I'm guessing. I didn't read this.(But I will after this) But, hey, check your messages if you were confused by a phone you recieve on last Saturday. -M