Sunday, April 6, 2008

I have this thing.

It's not necessarily a habit; it's definitely not a decision.

It's just something I fall into.

I tend to fall in love every day.

A little bit. Or a lot bit. With something or someone.

Languages. Paint-spattered overalls. A smatter of blackberry flavoring in coffee. A boy. Pom-poms on tobaggans.

And I've always been ok with that. It helps to keep life interesting.

But now, I'm not sure.


John Alston said...

BOY?! What BOY?!

Yeah, I have these little things too.

John Williams. Danny Elfman. Jerry Goldsmith. Elmer Bernstein.

Lucas-arts. Splinter Cell.

John Alston said...

Oh yes. Howard Shore. Harry-Gregson Williams. John Sturges.

Flight Combat Simulators.

Anonymous said...

Conservative talk radio.

Claire said...

I mean, no BOY?! in particular. Or, maybe many boys in nonparticular. The race of boy. The collection of boys. Fictional boys. Traits of boys. It's not a big thing; it's a little thing; it's not big love; it's little love.

But I'm still not sure anymore.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that boys are objects to be COLLECTED?! And what traits of boys do you actually admire?

If you are referring to fictional boys, why did you only say "A boy"?

Would you be weirded out if I said I fell in love with A GIRL?! And why do you hate the term "In a nutshell"?

Claire said...

Rather, the collective community of boys.

I admire traits generally specific to boys as I admire huge mandibles on a beetle. I don't envy them. I'm happy as I am. But how strange they are.

Someone who falls in love with pompoms on toboggans can't scoff at anyone who falls in love with a "GIRL?!"

I can't explain why I hate the phrase "in a nutshell" as much as I do. Consistency is the death of good character.

As if I had a boy collection.