Sunday, April 20, 2008


A) I am working hard, not hardly working.

B) I am mixed up. I am often confused about life but now I am confused about dreadlocks. No, I won't get them; you cannot dread a pixie cut. It won't lock.

However, I'm pretty sure that I really, really like them.

I don't watch American Idol, so this has very little to do with Jason Castro.

My problem with dating a dreaded boy is that I've never met one that didn't sort of stink.

I'm sure they exist. They'll just have to prove it to me.

C) So... I love this.

Sorry, Dad. I know the original version of this movie scarred you for life. But-- "Nourris-moi, Seymour"-- I just love how the plant pronounces "Seymour." And the "Quelle question, quelle situation..." is just so funny.

D) Well, back to work--loads and loads of work.

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