Wednesday, March 25, 2009

By the Numbers!

Number One Thing I'm TO'd I Didn't Get A Screencap Of:

I was on facebook/doing homework at one-ish one recent night. My brother had written on my wall at 12:17am, right? Well, you know how FB says "SoandSo wrote on your wall at suchandsuch time on Wednesday or yesterday or Saturday," right?

It said this:

"H--- N----- wrote on your wall at 12:17am tomorrow." Think about it.

It kind of reminds me of Future Dwight on The Office. And I didn't get a screencap. This is one of the stupidest decisions I have ever made in my life, aside from drinking three energy drinks in one day. (Sophomore year, Mom. I promise that never happens anymore.)


5 Reasons It Will Be A Little Hard to Leave the Theatre Department (as much as I'm ready for the next thing and possibly that grad program I've been dreaming of...)

5. But...but... but our theatre department has its own set of twins! You can't say that about just any theatre department.
4. It has never been conclusively proven that our department chair is a ninja... or Buddha... or a Jedi master. However, it has never been conclusively proven that he is none of those things. Someone has to find out, and now it's not going to be me.
3. I think I left some of my own personal possessions (or my heart, whichever) in Pandemonium.
2. My work call overalls cannot stand on their own yet. I wanted them to be predominately latex paint, carpenter's glue, and sweat before I graduated.
1. I never got to have a pink mohawk for a show. >:(

(Oh, wait...)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I will always love Jean Seberg for two reasons.

One. She took being young, kind of pathetic, American, and gamine to a whole new level.

Two. In A Bout de Souffle, she was the first woman to wear a t-shirt in a movie. (The sassy ribbed number above.) I kind of really want a New York Herald Tribune t-shirt now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

more than meets the eye

My favorite, favorite, favorite song ever at this second and the primary reason for this post:

The Transformers theme cover by Mute Math. It's on my playlist--give it a listen, especially if you're like me and your brain is fried from antibiotics, thesis defenses, and chesty coughs. But you know what? God is so good. My family got to see me present my thesis--AND my classmate's mom came to see her present, too, so it wasn't as weird--and it was just so refreshing to see them. It was the best remedy for a day of feeling puny, insubstantial, mentally foggy, and coughtastic. (And my hair wasn't behaving at all!)

I highly recommend families.

Even though my thesis presentation itself ended in verbal diarrhea (gross?), I have embarrassed myself far, far more in my life.

And now for a recommended reading. I like to think my heart's cry for understanding inspired this particular entry on Joseph's blog. In any case, it's an engrossing review of the outside of the aluminum-packaged beverage I (and Dr. Schroeder and Amanda and Chris Herring) know and love. How cool would it be to drink out of one of those badboy cans at the dupe?! Can you see it or what?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

One of my favorite moments:
Me: I should come and visit your house in all weather. Then I could get snowed in and stay for so long, I'd have to do chores.

Cheyenne: Then you could really be my big sister! ...Well, you kind of are already.

One of my favorite things about Christianity:
Christians get what they really want out of life. If "I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold" rings true for you, you're in luck. I might never, ever get silver or gold. I can guarantee you that I will never, ever be the king of a vast domain. But, boy, do I have Jesus.

One of the things that's probably going to happen tomorrow:
My best non-sequiter friend is going to get his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow; if he says funny stuff like David After Dentist, I want to know.

One of my favorite things about music:
Concept albums/rock operas; people do not make enough. I wonder if there's something significant about a fascination in works where music is just as much a character as anybody else, where music is the plot, where there isn't a thirty-person ensemble.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Currently On the Brain

Ethnodramatology. It's one of those big-word disciplines that makes my heart beat faster. In the Christian sense, it encompasses the idea that there isn't one universal, God-blessed form of drama that speaks to people. In both Christian and secular senses, it's the study of the performative rituals of a variety of cultures, on as much of their own terms as possible, without the intent of Westernizing a theatre that's so important to people.

Road trip. Wait for it. With my brother.

Ricky Gervais. I think I just decided I didn't really like him as David Brent or as Andy Millman. I just think those characters come across as very similar and they're pretty scummy individuals. It's hard for me to relate--or to want to relate--with insensitive protagonists. Most shows centered around scummy individuals just don't really work for me, I guess.

The Avett Brothers. Better than The Jonas Brothers, these guys serve enigmatic heartbreak with a side of North Carolina. The Avett Brothers sound like a Southern summer; warm, sleepy and good with lemonade.

KYO. Not the random, fifty-eleven solo artists. The now-defunct French band. I tried to like the new band, but their songs are all in English. Lame. Even the name is lame... Empyr. Um, ew.