Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Currently On the Brain

Ethnodramatology. It's one of those big-word disciplines that makes my heart beat faster. In the Christian sense, it encompasses the idea that there isn't one universal, God-blessed form of drama that speaks to people. In both Christian and secular senses, it's the study of the performative rituals of a variety of cultures, on as much of their own terms as possible, without the intent of Westernizing a theatre that's so important to people.

Road trip. Wait for it. With my brother.

Ricky Gervais. I think I just decided I didn't really like him as David Brent or as Andy Millman. I just think those characters come across as very similar and they're pretty scummy individuals. It's hard for me to relate--or to want to relate--with insensitive protagonists. Most shows centered around scummy individuals just don't really work for me, I guess.

The Avett Brothers. Better than The Jonas Brothers, these guys serve enigmatic heartbreak with a side of North Carolina. The Avett Brothers sound like a Southern summer; warm, sleepy and good with lemonade.

KYO. Not the random, fifty-eleven solo artists. The now-defunct French band. I tried to like the new band, but their songs are all in English. Lame. Even the name is lame... Empyr. Um, ew.


Dad said...

Free Avett Bros. at

Beth Nell said...

I can't believe you and John are coming up next weekend!! :( I'm not going to be able to see you...I wish, but I shall have to send a hug for you with my sister, so she can give it to you!
Have a funnnn time! :-D Road trips are so fun!