Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ok... my world was just rocked today. And here is why. Kathy (of theurbanpantry.blogspot.com) introduced me to cake balls. Now, Kathy is a coworker, and she's also a better blogger than I am. She's a solid writer and her blog has a topic instead of being poopy and unfunny like mine. I've just backslidden, guys; I think I'll redeem my blog one of these days. Her new thing is making, like, all of Bobby Flay's burgers.

Plus, she and her husband Brian are (at the risk of embarrassing either or both of them) a really great couple. She picks out his shoes, guys.

Anyway. Cake Balls. You make cake from a mix and, while it is still warm, just kind of smoosh it with a tub of the icing of your choice, form balls out of it, and dunk the balls in almond bark/chocolate/something that hardens, making eating mass quantities feasibly neat. How American. How genius. Who invented these again?

(Warning to men: I am going to mention PMS in the next paragraph.)

This is the perfect PMS food. Cake balls could have stopped all angry eighties she-rock from ever being written. I don't think you can listen to Joan Jett and eat cake balls at the same time. I could be wrong.

"The deepest cuts are human made," Pat? Cake balls, oddly enough, are ALSO human made. Want one? Crisis averted, problem solved.


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what blogging on a sugar high looks like.