Wednesday, March 18, 2009

more than meets the eye

My favorite, favorite, favorite song ever at this second and the primary reason for this post:

The Transformers theme cover by Mute Math. It's on my playlist--give it a listen, especially if you're like me and your brain is fried from antibiotics, thesis defenses, and chesty coughs. But you know what? God is so good. My family got to see me present my thesis--AND my classmate's mom came to see her present, too, so it wasn't as weird--and it was just so refreshing to see them. It was the best remedy for a day of feeling puny, insubstantial, mentally foggy, and coughtastic. (And my hair wasn't behaving at all!)

I highly recommend families.

Even though my thesis presentation itself ended in verbal diarrhea (gross?), I have embarrassed myself far, far more in my life.

And now for a recommended reading. I like to think my heart's cry for understanding inspired this particular entry on Joseph's blog. In any case, it's an engrossing review of the outside of the aluminum-packaged beverage I (and Dr. Schroeder and Amanda and Chris Herring) know and love. How cool would it be to drink out of one of those badboy cans at the dupe?! Can you see it or what?

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