Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ever just wait for the rest of your life?

And you think, "I'm just wasting my time, I'm wasting being me, being this beautiful age?"

You feel guilty.

And stuck.

Shouldn't I be making an amazing mess of myself? Shouldn't I be giving my life away? Whatever happened to the girl who wanted to do that?

I toy with wanting to be the best ever at something sometimes.

But I'm not; I'm flaky instead.

Oh, I'm very aware I'm too hard on myself for no apparent reason. And I know it sounds like I'm discontent; I'm really not. On the inside, I'm happy and confused and looking.

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HC Kid 910 said...

Sometimes, you just have to wait and other times you have to get what you want yourself. I think college is one of the waiting times until something speaks to you and tells you what you really want. I doubt I'll be the best at anything. But it kills the time to try.