Friday, April 4, 2008

I just discovered fashion.

I, a self-proclaimed style ignoramus whose idea of dressing up is wearing a sweatshirt and jeans that do not have Artist's Choice spattered across the elbows and rear end, stumbled across Scott Schuman's famous (apparently--I had no clue) blog The Sartorialist.

And, oh, I mean, periodically I find the need to retire my extensive collection of large t-shirts. Pretty much every summer. But this summer, this one will be the one when I finally develop my Very Defined, Very Me sense of definitive personal style.

I think between my trip to Italy, my advancing age, and Scott Schuman, I am finally finding it necessary to invest in an image. A dirt-cheap, thrift store image.

It's not about following trends. It's about following my inner artist, the visual nut in me that appreciates silhouette and color and line.

And cute hats.


John A. said...

That's alright. Every girl needs her style. But I wouldn't know about these things.

Rebecca said...

cute hats make my world a MUCH better place
here's to the girls who make thrift a style