Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things I'm LOVING Right Now

My sister informed me yesterday that FreeRice has branched out, subjectwise. Not only can you test your vocabulary, but you can also quiz yourself on grammar, famous paintings, four languages (including French AND German), math, chemistry and geography. I have found my new nerd hobby. In the past twenty minutes, I have donated 1760 grains of rice simply by knowing der Beispiel, Vincent Van Gogh, schnell, and l'ordinateur.

Really, I am really ignorant when it comes to film scorers. And I haven't branched out at all. My brother constantly scoffs at this. But John Williams makes it so easy to, well, just listen to soundtracks by John Williams. My current favorite soundtrack themes to listen to are from Harry Potter and E.T. What can I say? I like tinkly, evocative melodic noise.

Although, I will say that I am not at all opposed to Danny Elfman from what I have heard of the Batmans and Edward Scissorhands.

And, really, music is one of my very favorite things about being home. I am simply amazed by how much my brother continues to grow as a pianist, and I'm so thankful that I like cinematic music with as much enthusiasm as he does, even though he's much more musically erudite than any of us and is, therefore, kind of a snob. (Example of this: I ask, "Is that DAD playing jazz piano?" Bro responds, "Yes." I say, "Wow..." Bro says, "I know, doesn't it sound sort of... childish?" I say, "I mean, I was kind of amazed.")

(Dad, I tell this anecdote because I think it's cute. Both John and I think you're definitely improving, and, like I said, I thought it was quite good.)

This is the series I crochet to. It's kind of flimsy--come on, I can solve all the crimes and I'm not a detective--and I much prefer Poirot--and David Suchet--but I love, love, love the very Eighties take on 1920's design. It's very extravagant, true to the Beresfords, and clothes get changed all the time.

Although I will say that I am getting very tired of someone making a very revealing but enigmatic statement right before they die in mystery novels, like "She wasn't there!" in A Murder is Announced or "Why didn't they ask Evans?"


Anonymous said...

When I used the word "childish" I was merely meaning to infer that he played with a childlike energy and spirit (not necessarily bad, but was prone to noise and repetition), and had an amusing quality about it.

..and maybe my inner critic took over. Oh well.

Beth Nell said...

John Williams and Danny Elfman are both really good...I like Hanz Zimmer as well....

Do you play the piano at all? I love being home too, because all of my younger siblings are constantly on the piano playing away. It's so great. And then my mom and sister are buisly practicing the violin. So there is always music being played in our house.

You crochet? Oh and yes! You must come to the wedding! Jen has already Rsvp'd, so it'd be even better if you came!!!!! But I am sorry that you won't be at the Christmas party tomorrow...I remember meeting you for the first time there briefly last year. :-)


John Alston said...

Triple mega dittos.