Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, I'm relaxing with a cup of dee-licious caramel truffle coffee (thanks, Bets! And, because I'm a bit of a communist with coffee, my suite thanks you, too.) I'm working up the energy to put the finishing touches on my Schroeder paper. I write a sentence or so about every five minutes and I already have five pages... I should be good, eh?

But the real deal is that I'm going to list how I feel about some things...

1) Pens. My pen philosophy is this: pens are essential, pencils are for wimps who secondguess themselves. In Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne Shirley says something about how she cannot write love letters with a scratchy pen. Now, I know quite a few classy ladies who'd say cantankerous pen be hanged, I'm writing Gilbert Blythe a love letter. I mean, am I right or am I right, classy ladies?

But I think that I pretty much agree with Anne, and quality pens are devoutly to be wished for.

Right now I am a huge, giant fan of the Sharpie pen. I got sucked in by the clever advertising--have you seen the spread with David Beckham and the teeny Sharpie writing?

So far, it's really been a fantastic felt-tip pen that doesn't bleed onto the chisel tip of my highlighters. I guess it could be a love letter pen, but I think it's probably more of a poetry pen, and it adds quite a bit of urbanity to my class notes. Call it good marketing (word up, Bethany) but I feel so cool when I write with a Sharpie pen. I haven't even lost one yet.

2) Best purchase of the past two days? 2$ Disney Princess scented markers from Big Lots, an eight-pack, I think. I might be high as a kite... but... they smell so good. I'm writing all of my German flash cards in Strawberry. P.S. My other philosophy is this: markers are essential, colored pencils/crayons are for weenies who don't believe in vibrancy.

3) Christmas trees. I don't like them. They are messy and a pain and they get lost every year somewhere in the theatre. I'm glad my ideal apartment is too small for them.

4) You know, every day I thank God for my family. I just wouldn't be as interesting without them (not to mention that they are all awesome people and the best family in the world. My dad just gets more cool with age and my mom doesn't age at all. And meine Geschwister are both fascinating and funnier than any sitcom on network television.)

My brother has recently been psychoanalyzing the heck out of Through the Looking Glass and wrote about ten posts on my facebook wall about it. I came home from the holiday party hoping he'd written on my wall, and lo and behold! I love that there are multiple critics in my family. I'm appreciating my family so much that I'm a little sick of it and I'm going to ruin the sentimental moment right now: Mom, I want a coffee maker for Christmas. Also, I will still be blonde.

Suckas. I'm SO back on normal terms with my family.


Beth Nell said...

I prefer writing with pens as well, because for some reason they sometimes make my handwriting look nicer! It's awesome! :-D

So, with your Disney scented markers, how long does the scent last for?
Your family sounds amazing!!! :-)

Thanks so much for letting us know how you feel about some things! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bummer, Blonde. Yo bubba, John

Anonymous said...

I so agree about pens!!!! How I love a good pen!! A pen with a good flow is's worth... a lot!! So you DIDN"T lose your Sharpie pen at Thanksgiving?? Good! As one who can't think without a pen, I am so in support of your having good pens. Not as supportive of gourmet coffees, etc butI have taken note of the coffee maker hint.
One exam down, 4 to go...YOU GO GIRL!
Praying you home! love, mom

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to comment on every point you made.

1. The right pen is really nice. At this point in my life, however, I prefer mechanical pencils. I think it's because I'm still unsure about myself, and I want to be able to erase the things I've said and start over. I'm sure it's just a phase, and by the time I'm your age, I'm sure I'll prefer pens, too.

2. Scented marks. They've always fascinated me. They are intriguing...and you know...just a little bit...STUPID. If you can get high by sniffing something, it should not be scented to make you WANT to sniff it. I'm convinced that the fad of sniffing markers to get high was started by people who realized they acted funny after they sniffed their scented markers.

3. I like Christmas trees. They smell nice. Too bad I'm allergic.

4. I have to agree, you do have a really cool family.

Blonde...I'll stifle the Joey Fatone statement when you come home this time. Or at least I'll try.

love, your NATURAL BLONDE sister.

Katelyn said...

I prefer pens for notetaking in class and for formal letters, completed poems,and journaling, but when I'm just writing, I find that my thoughts flow better with pencils. If I don't like a line or a word I can erase it. It's less permanent so it helps me be more creative with my writing.

I've always wanted to go blonde, at least for a little while ya know, just to see what it's like.