Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Break... By the Numbers

SIX crocheted stockings. Giant socks are my favorite holiday decorations, a testament to the accumulation of candy and to big feet.

SIXTY-THREE-THIRTY might undergo a name change. Hmm.

TWO dreams in German. One of those dreams also involved a purple dinosaur. (Barney.)

I blame Barney on babysitting last night. My two charges were bent on stabbing a small, stuffed Barney with forks. I must have saved poor Barn (and the forks) (and bare feet) at least three times.

NINE days until Christmas. Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to the day and giving my family cute stuff. My family calls me a humbug because I don't believe in expensive indoor trees with "memories" as decorations (excuse me, but an eleven-year-old, eroding craft is not a memory.) However, the fact is that I like retro Christmas music like Bing Crosby stuff and anything that Harry Connick, Jr. sings... and giant socks. I like big, rogue socks. And, this year, I'm really liking warmer weather in winter solstices.

1 comment:

Beth Nell said...

Socks are amazing..especially the big kind.

You dreamed about Barney? How odd...haha. I used to love Barney...

Will you be at the Christmas party this year like you were last year?