Friday, December 5, 2008

Songs of Water

A shoutout. Songs of Water is perfect pre-finals week music. Perfect.

What is Songs of Water, you might ask, if you're not from the Piedmont area?

I could talk about the people in the band and how they're the epitome of cool local artists. But instead I'll say that it's a joyful noise with hammered dulcimers and schruti boxes and yes, Jeff, a djembe, I'm pretty sure. It does for my ears kind of what visiting the Roanoke area does for my soul. If the Blue Ridge mountains and faraway friends had a soundtrack, Songs of Water would be on it. It's even global enough for Jesse, I promise.

Because I am not a tease, I have provided snippets of it on my playlist for you to sample and I encourage you to look Songs of Water up on myspace or facebook or download the self-titled album (at least, I think it's self-titled) from iTunes.

Oh, by the way. I'm done with classes this semester. Four finals and I'll be back home for the holidays.


Beth Nell said...

aw yay! I am sure you'll be glad to be home!
Sounds like Songs of Water is pretty neat. I'll have to check them out. :-) Are you coming to my sisters wedding????? I sure hope so!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray, hooray! Just get done with finals and come home!! Another semester down! ONLY ONE TO GO!! WHO CAN BELIEVE IT???
Yes, it is pretty cool that Songs of Water is making nice music and that I used to live on the other side of the duplex from Marta, one of the musicians. Maybe we can go to one of their concerts sometime.
God's blessings to you as you study for exams!! Praying for ya! love you lots, mom

Beth Nell said...

oh, btw, when are your exams?

Jason Windsor said...

We were very happy to write the music that got you through finals. Hopefully our next CD will be done before the end of this semester, so you'll do even better.

But thank you for listening and for getting the word out about our music. We are very thankful for having some truly awesome friends/fans.
--Songs of Water