Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving. Joyce-style.

woke up the punk rocker in a cold hard bed that was a sofa. God bless you you thank God you eat muffins. When do we live? We live as soon as we're ready to go. Stop before you're out the door step over the dog lose the dog chase the dog put the dog away.

In the car the pillows kiss our little heads the blond the really blond and the brown. we try to live the broadest way immarginable... she's not smart enough to be original here isn't it enough that we write in second person polar? plural? she's not smart enough to be original here isn't it enough that we question?

fastforward several centuries of mayan history of greek history of the fall of rome and we're there.

fastforward several bodies of water of petersburgs and richmonds and getting lost and gloucester like the movie "The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!" And we're there.

pumpkinpie and pumpkinpie and pumpkinpie and we spilt it and you're so blond and it's good to see you and love and one more pumpkinpie. (because grandma's not making not one this year. )

the dog coughs and I cough, they cough, you cough, we cough, I conjugate, she, he, it conjugates et cetera et cetera etc etc ftw.

it's good to see you again and love and pumpkin pie and I'm drinking all of your coffee because I am so tired, almost as tired as you are generous with your coffee and everything else.

there are umpteen pairs of big blue eyes umpteen hairs of different colors umpteen people who really all act almost exactly the same. pop still has his moustache... it's charming and white like an upper lip polar bear.

Is it hubris to say that my family is almost as interesting as college football day?


Katelyn said...

The style of this post reminded me of T.S. Eliot.
Glad that you had a great Thanksgiving!
(Are you a really-blond now?)

Anonymous said...

Gloucester Haven hehhehee

Actually, in a politically correct world, I can actually imagine a decent remake of Russians are Coming! with REAL RUSSIANS!!!

Beth Nell said...

i love this post. it made me smile alot.