Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November Is For Lovers.

I can't remember who said it now.

"Screw February," she said. "November is for lovers." Something to that effect.

I have to agree. So many of my friends have recently found happiness with one dreamboat or another, and they gush appropriately.

I guess I slept through Boyfriend Season, because I know I don't have one. (You know... fishing season... hunting season... boyfriend season... forget it.)

To be honest, I can't complain.

There is no better time to be single than twenty. Twenty is the new thirteen. When you are twenty, you're in the throes of neoadolescence. The world is your oyster. Responsibility is slinking quietly up to you like a boa about to constrict... but you do not have to care for two short years.

I am woman. I have neurotic tendencies. I am bright. I am confident. I am dryly witty. I am the new thirteen.

But really, where would I be without The Bangles?

PS--I'd also like to point out the attractiveness that is my family:


Rebecca said...

sweetheart, you're not the only one who slept through boyfriend season! that's the downside to graduating: your friends start getting married (the ones who didnt tie the knot pre-commencement, that is) ... and it leaves the single girlie feeling old. and yet, with boys being the annoying boys that they are, single girlhood isnt so bad. not when there are other girls to pal around with :o)
love you!

Youthful One said...

I fully agree!
It's so weird!!!! People that I grew up with are now getting married, engaged, or having babies. Anywho...your family is quite handsome! :) Love you lots!