Monday, November 5, 2007

Tips on Blogging--from a flint-faced blogging veteran... yaaargh!

1) Choose a blog name that is easy to spell. I clearly did not take my own advice with this one. I suck, I suck, I suck.

2) Do not blog solely when you are angry or depressed. This is what personal, private journals are for.

3) Do not get too pretentious. It's one thing to be a brilliant person and blog; it's quite another to write, self-consciously inserting words like "syzygy," "vexillology," and "sciolism." (Unless you're my friend Michael Rader. Then, and only then, you can get away with it.) Words like those are for graduate school applications. Duh.

4) In fiction, it's fine to write about what you don't know. In blogging, not so much.

5) Too many blogs are just too many. Limits make life more sane. You'll probably only post regularly to one anyway.

6) Take advantage of having this sounding off board if you like feedback... I've posted scenes I've written and gotten some good advice on what to do with them. But be aware that this is the Internet, people plagiarize, don't get too personal or invest too much in what you post online.

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