Thursday, January 22, 2009


1. I have accomplished watching the first season of Robin Hood and we are now onto the second season. (I know. I'm late. Don't give me any spoilers.) Everyone's hair is longer and Djaq has moved on from her Boy Scout vest to embrace her femininity with bangs and woman clothes. I can't decide if Robin has become more or less cocky...

2. My friend/my roommate's boyfriend has Mario sleep pants. They're fleecy. Isn't he cool?

3. Speaking of books I wouldn't be ashamed to be caught dead reading, I've been starting on Orson Scott Card beyond Ender's Game. Specifically, Ender's Shadow, which is about Bean. More on that when I've formulated an opinion. Everyone I know says Bean is better than Ender.

4. All of the Owens I know are adorable.

5. Grammar is mystifying. We acquire language with seeming effortlessness and there's a ridiculous amount of rules that we know that we don't know that we know. And there's things that slip through the cracks. And there's intentional slaps in the face of the rules. Like sentence fragments. I've learned by taking grammar that I suck at categorizing and memorizing the nomenclature of these rules. Oh, well.


Anonymous said...

You are randoom. I astound you with my cacography!

Beth Nell said...

You watch Robin Hood too? I know so many people now who love those seasons....maybe I really should try to start watching them now...
I love your randomness!

Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks, there goes another homeschooler for ya, throwing big words at you and expecting you to know what they mean. And YOU probably do. Sorry you made it to college so ill prepared with grammar. I am sure you will catch up.

I have a question....Isn't EVERYBODY random sometimes? Or just those of us with ADD??

love you lots, mom