Sunday, January 25, 2009

the next five years

So, my assignment this weekend for senior seminar is to write a five-year plan. I have, thus far, muddled through life without any kind of real plan whatsoever, and now I have to write one. But what I wanted to write and what I will turn in tomorrow are two slightly different things. The latter will have such things as "financial responsibility" and "setting up savings" and "work on a film." The former looks like this:

I want to be stylish. Like featured-on-the-Sartorialist-twice stylish. Like distinctive, wear Chucks every day stylish. I want to have confidence in my own skin as I face the realization every day that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I want to be as fearless as freedom feels. I want to eat rice and beans most days. I want to be really, really excited about what God's doing. I want to have lots of old friends and lots of new ones. I kind of really want to be married in the next five years. I want to be wildly creative. I want to smell lots and lots of coffee. I want to be the best witness that I possibly can that God is real. I want to live with purpose and passion. I want to blog about the most interesting things ever. I want to lapse at will into a completely different language with ridiculous ease. I want to be very well read.

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John A said...

Well, to be in someone else's skin would be just creepy..

Work on a film.. now THAT's doable.