Saturday, January 31, 2009

95 Theses

I am hammering out my thesis... well, granted, not as we speak, but off and on throughout my day.

It is hard to come up with a lot of smart things to say. It is even harder to do so quickly and with originality. It makes me wonder for about half a second why on earth I didn't go into biology.

And then I remember that I loathe, loathe, loathe biology. And that it's good to finish what I start and knowledge and discipline are never worthless. And that I felt good about doing this thesis. Once upon a time, before I was beating myself up over the particulars.

And I am resisting doing that 25 Things About Me thing on Facebook because no one wants to read twenty-five things about me in a row. So I will give you two.

1. I fully intend to name any pets (probably cats, all female) I may have in my life after The Beatles. Maxwell Silverhammer I may be gone now, but I'm open to a second. Other possible names include Lucinda Sky (LSD for short), Father McKenzie, Rigby, Jude Refrain, Rocky Raccoon, The Walrus (Wally for short), Mr. Kite...

2. I really like dreads. (They don't have to be dirty and gross. If they're gross and dirty, you're doing them wrong.) If I had long hair, I would have dreads, but there is no way I will grow out my hair. Since I am committed to not growing out my hair... I'm contenting myself with looking for the one guy out there who has blond dreads but doesn't smoke pot and loves Jesus.

Back to the thesis grind....

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Anonymous said...

hey! I get 95 theses reference.
A most interesting question about "infinity" and "eternity"...would have loved to hear your input and the other discussion. Interesting that just today, I read Rick Warren's little blurb on the purpose of life... Preparing for Eternity. Wow. And we thought it was about finishing school,earning a living, the Super Bowl, boring Super Bowl commercials, keeping the dog fed, keeping the cats fed that you don't even have yet, keeping the kids fed...Okay, so if our purpose is really to prepare for eternity, we ought to get busy with THAT! (except that you do have to finish that thesis! And I do have to feed the family!)
Love u, your awfully proud mom