Tuesday, January 6, 2009


the mildly abstract--

see below.


can I just say that I'm done with this ballpoint bull? I'm starting to dabble in calligraphy and the scritchy unreliability of nibs and wet watery colors floating at forty-five degree slants across the page is an irresistible combination. I swear those pens flirt with me. And I'm still obsessed with the black Sharpie pen... that felt tip number has feeling and verve and I'm starting to draw mildly abstract things with it, mostly rock stars with intense eyes that stare off from the page with black, felt-tipped moodiness.

two thousand nine--

I'm done thinking that this year will just make me another year older. Watch out, world. I'm almost free.


Anonymous said...

You seem perverted about calligraphy pens..

Beth Nell said...


Anonymous said...

I know about calligraphy pens and how they do seem to take a life of their own somehow. And I still love me a good flowing pen.

You are such fun to watch a movie with,too.

I am gonna miss you when you're gone.
Love, mom

kali! said...

i can't wait to see you again. i will be back on monday! can we have tea? pleeeeaasssseeeee?