Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sometimes, in my more cynical of moments,*I wonder why I believe.

*I have cynical moments fairly often. Isn't doubt important? (I read John Patrick Shanley and Rene Descartes.)

Why, at the core, I am a Bible-belt old Southern girl who likes church. I mean, my church has coffee and cute little kids... but I'd still like it otherwise.

And then I remember. It's because I don't have to be the model Bible-belt, old Southern girl to like it.

I may often suck as a person... and I do. I may often make mistakes... and I do.

I do not have a five-fold ministry.

I do not speak Christianese, unless somebody has neglected to tell me that Christianese now includes "See, here's the thing--whatever, doode, I don't care."

I haven't worn a skirt to church in a really, really long time. Last Sunday I wore my raggedy jeans. (Sorry, Mom. They were clean!)

But sometimes I remember that I'd really like the fruit of the Spirit in my life. So I'm going to try to post some periodic reflections on the fruit of the Spirit... starting with this one.


This one is the hard one, but it also is the foundation for all of the others.

Love is the opposite of narcissism.

Love is a cognitive and social phenomenon.

Love never fails. This tells me that I don't have enough of it, because my middle name is actually "Sporadic Quitter." Commitment? Pfft. Naaah. It's whatever, doode.

Love is what propels me out of bed and into the world. I just want to make a connection with people, however slight or meaningful. I would be starved without it.

Love makes me believe in God. God makes me believe in love.

To anyone who has ever loved me, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Where would anyone be without comrades, colleagues, crushes? Deep loves, devoted friends, determined parents?

To anyone who hasn't, it's whatever, doode. One day I hope to love you anyway and until then, I'll be propelling myself out of bed and into the world, looking for love in whatever face comes my way.

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