Monday, March 17, 2008

So yeah. I may have gained a sister.

I think it's happening.

My roommate and I have gotten to that sleepless point in the year in which we are OK with slapping each other upside the head with the truth.

And, boy, do we need reality checks from time to time. I need reality checks much more often because I am the flaky one. I am definitely the Oscar to her Felix.

Recently, she's been telling me to go to the French class that I don't really have because I'm auditing it. There's a couple of phenomenal reasons why she's been telling me to do this. The first is that I don't go all that often. (I didn't go today. Whoops. I swear up and down I'll go on Wednesday.) The second is that I really do want to achieve intermediate/advanced competency in French, and she knows--as well as I do--that the only way to do that is to buckle down, learn it, and be ready for an advanced French class next semester.

I apologize for blowing off the subjunctive, Felix. I promise I'll practice it.

It's funny how people affect your life; without my roommate to provoke me with her excellent bilingual example, I might not have realized so soon how much I really need languages in my life.
Without the knowledge that my roommate might dramaturg me out of a job in her spare time (as she is, first and foremost, a performer) would I be so keen on graduating with honors and compiling the most stellar portfolio ever to woo my dream graduate schools?

But we do not merely nurse petty rivalries; we also support each other. I can always count on my roommate to remind me that the faculty nods when I speak. I'm really, really grateful for that.

To her, I'm tiny and self-motivated. She introduced me to at least half of the artists on the mix playlist and fills my life with pancakes. I can't help but be appreciative.

Break lots of legs on your big audition! I'm really, really proud of you and I hope Easter Break is as restful as you want it to be.

(In other news, I just put a playlist up on my blogspot. Right now, it's all French songs. The reason for this is that none of my favorite German artists were on the website; color me sad. I expect my biological sister to give all of the songs a chance. Or else.)


John Alston said...

i kinda get disturbed when sisters never argue, no offense ;)

Claire said...

But I don't see how you live, because heaven knows Bethany and I NEVER argue!

... actually, my roommate and I have had tiffs...

karthika said...

I never argue...

aegan stills, songs