Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I get up in the morning to remember French

So... I was thinking about what I look forward to. What about my busy, hectic life is worth keeping.

Because I'm pretty tired of most of it. I'm trying to stay positive--but what's positive about being unfulfilled?

What I look forward to, when I get up in the morning, is doing my Playwriting homework; trying, in my own pathetic way, to learn German; trying, in my own pathetic way, to not forget French while keeping my roommate unaware of how really bad I am at it; spending a few minutes with my friends; going to the Vault on the weekends; seeing what the heck my bedhair is up to.

And largely, the rest of my life is a source of stress.

It's not that I hate theatre or that I'm not dedicated to it. I love thinking about my thesis; I love writing theatre; I love messing around in props.

But junior year is a madhouse.

Maybe I'm not a good advertisement for the school since I'm putting this on a public blog. To that I say, whatever. I'm Claire. I'm as good an advertisement as you're going to get.

I just made a 50 on a test. A 50. I'm positive this is the lowest grade I have ever made on any assignment.

Go me. Go school advertisement.

I never wanted to be jaded. I don't think I am, really; I just need more destressors, a larger day planner, Henry Tilney...


John Alston said...

I'm sincerely sorry. Feel me emote :( .

Claire said...