Sunday, February 10, 2008

So, the theatre festival was a real learning experience.

We usually say that when things suck. Or when people suck at doing their jobs.

Oh, well. It was a learning experience.

But this was a good learning experience. As in, I actually learned a lot, and it was good.

I got to meet some swell people whose talent was a visceral reminder that I've got to get on my A-game if I want to be brilliant by my thirtieth birthday--and I bonded with them over our shared nerd-love for theatre history.

I mean, I went with these people to Super Taco. I met a guy who wears a WWJD bracelet a good nine years after the trend peaked. I met the owner of the highest metabolism known to humanity. I met girls who write better than I do. I met people who almost made me contemplate starting a Fellowship of Christian Theatre/English People chapter at my school.

I got 25$ per diem for food.

So I'd gladly go again next year; I'll probably enter more competitions, dress more nicely for those.

And then I went back to school; it's a little bit of a downer. I've had to do homework.

However--this week something important will happen. I won't become a raging alcoholic; but something important will happen.

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