Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So, I've been listening to the European version of High School Musical; that is, Romeo et Juliette.

As you might expect from a musical entitled Romeo et Juliette, it is overambitious and cliche-- hey, like HSM! (No... really... it IS overambitious and cliche; just in case you still don't believe me, all the Capulets wear red and all the Montagues wear blue. Romeo and Juliet sing at least three songs with "love" in the title. I warned you.)

And, extending the High School Musical connection... have you ever seen Lukas Perman, who originated the role of Romeo in Vienna, and Lucas Grabeel, who originated the role of Ryan at Disney, at the same place at the same time? (No, you haven't.)

Do you think there could be a reason for that?



Despite the cliches, and the Lucases/Lukases... well, ok... Lukas might be a little bit of a girly man, but he's prettier than any American musical theatre star is allowed to be...

(Ok, Lucas might also be a little bit of a girly man, too.)

I love it. It's more cheerful than Romeo and Juliet is allowed to be; it's more spectacle; it's just fun.

Tonight, I'm going to watch Northanger Abbey with Caitlin; I can't wait. Her boyfriend has been warned to stay far, far away. Tonight we will be girls.

It might even involve chocolate and listening to our girly mix CD.

It's like Valentine's Day all over again.

Times "girl/girly" was mentioned in this post: Upwards of five.

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