Monday, February 4, 2008

Deutsch in Seiben Lessons

So today, I had an epiphany, and it was this:

Maybe I'm supposed to learn German.

The show we're doing now has a lot to say about destiny; it's one of those absurdist shows with a moral, and the moral is that maybe your destiny is eating breakfast or noticing that it's sunny and that Niagara Falls is amazing.

And while I want to say I don't think learning German is part of my destiny, I sort of think that yes, it is.

In any case, I was listening to Der Glockner today, and I thought, "Why don't I just learn German instead of just listening to it?" Because the thing about listening to it, for me anyway, is that I develop an ear for the flow of the language without really comprehending the structure. And German structure is very different from English and French structure. It's intimidating.

So I have been procrastinating, all day, when I could have studied for my chemistry exam. That's what makes me weird; most kids procrastinate and mess around, have fun, surf the internet, watch TV. I learn a Romance language or research 19th century literature instead of whatever I'm supposed to be doing.

Most of the time when I learn something "unnecessary" it's so I can impress people with it later. But it's different with my desire to learn German.

It's not even so I can read Immanuel Kant in his native tongue.

It's so I can go to Germany.

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