Saturday, February 2, 2008

First... Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey. Google him. My dad sent me an email with the sole purpose of informing me of Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey's existence, so it must be important.

Dad said that Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey was akin to Mr. Winkle. I respectfully disagree; Mr. Winkle, that slanted pup to the left, is inherently unique--even alien.

Second... have you ever felt both not secretive enough and too closed off? Because I do. I do, very much.

Third... my Austrian-musical phase continued with a brief flirtation with Elisabeth, which would have been more fun if it was Elisabeth! Das Musical (or included "Wie Wird Man Seinen Schatten Los," which is still my favorite Levay-Kunze song with "schatten" in the title; I think it means shadow).

Oh well; I can't have everything. Oh well; it has Serkan Kaya in a leading role--I'm intrigued by this German actor; the main reason why I'm so intrigued is because I really cannot decide if I like his looks or his voice or his attitude or his acting or not. I really am on the fence. He compared Jesus Christ Superstar to Finding Nemo, so I really WANT to like him.

Fourth... I can definitely recommend reading Les Miserables in the original French. I recommend reading it fifty-eleven times in English beforehand to avoid confusion as well.

Fifth... it's time for the Monk season finale already? I just started watching it again! It's been pretty predictable lately but Tony Shalhoub's characterization just gets better and better. Plus, it's followed by Psych, which is one of the most brightly colored shows on cable. Even if it is pretentious. It's also clever, which has redeemed many a pretentious individual.

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Emilie said...

OMG. It DOES look like Mr. Winkle. Are they related?