Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sorry, Christmas

I got my informative brochure from THAT school's graduate program in the mail on Christmas Eve.

Therefore, Christmas got lost in the shuffle of my tormented mind. I would have written a witty reflective on crass commercialism and the religion of Santa--but you've seen it on a sitcom and read it already and my brain is fried from the maelstrom created by THAT school's slick brochure and its graduation requirements.

Consequently, I have gotten a head start on my New Year's Resolutions, which are legion and include the following:

1. Learn French! Again! Etudiez le francais! Encore! I learned it very well before, thanks to a dynamic globetrotter of a tutor named Kathy Warren. So well, in fact, that I tested out of it at the undergraduate level and never looked back... until I realized graduate programs such as THAT school's require their dramaturgs to translate. "Adequate" reading knowledge of French does probably not consist entirely of Ace of Base's "Voulez-Vous Dancer." Unfortunately. So I rescued a bilingual copy of Blaise Pascal's Pensees from my dad's bathroom reading collection. I know all about the misere of the milieu and the religion chrestienne, but I'm not sure it'll get me through.

2. Kick tail this semester, academically and otherwise, without causing damage to my person, physically or otherwise. I don't need another semester like this one. I'm hoping not taking thousands upon thousands of design history will calm my nerves.

3. Do not hold myself back by being too scared or lazy to go after the best. I don't know how to do this without staying high strung, but maybe I can figure it out. This includes actually APPLYING to grad schools, etc.

4. Write amazing papers.

5. Figure out life. At this point, I trust the philosophical personalities of Jesus and Bill Watterston. Not that I regard them as equals, but I've gotten a lot out of Calvin & Hobbes lately.

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