Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So, a music director I know says he collects memories from every show he's conducted. Before he conducts one of the shows, he mentally picks out what to remember, and then he decides to remember them.

If I could remember things from my first semester of my junior year--they would be these:

"Congratulations! You have been selected to serve as a Junior Marshal for the 2007-2008 academic year. Please pardon the informality of e-mail but quick notification and response is important."

"Congratulations, Claire!" And then I was a Blue Masque senator.

eurydice. And by that I mean, not feeling like a total failure as the President of Alpha Psi Omega.

(I just typed--and erased, because it was wrong-- "Vice-President;" wishful thinking, Freudian slip, etc. I am, in fact, the President--unless Aaron was serious. If so, bless you, my son.)

Tim and Scrubs, CM and everything (especially The Mikado), Zach and Cinderella, and all of the other freshmen I've met and bonded with. Love, Archie.

Erin, sewing pants, and the victory of millinery.

Unreliable, unattainable crushes.

The occasional call for help to Nikolas Dewight Kear.

Maxwell "Scoops" Silverhammer and the most daring, dangerous thing I've done this semester....this side of that one party in Hurley.

Coffee with dear, sweet girls.

Studying for the midterm for the Vis Styles--panicking--redoing my decor handbook--but it was with the best of company.

"Your work is easily on the graduate level."

"With Cat-Like Tread!"

"After four years of college, I am finally.... a Pussycat Doll!" --Sonny

(I'm really going to miss his rapier wit. Take today in Vis Styles. Our professor was talking about modern buildings and asked if anyone had been by the PSFS Building in Philadelphia. Sonny said "yes, I walked by it," and Dave said, "You just walked by one of the first international style skyscrapers ever built." Sonny replied, "Wow, I should have pooped in the toilet." Crass... priceless... and just so Sonny.)

These are just some of the things I will try to remember... and follow... follow...

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