Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Couple of Reviews

The book Starship Troopers: too many pages about space suits and benevolent fascism.

The movie Starship Troopers: not enough space suits (I never thought I'd ever say that) or Nazi Neil Patrick Harris. Too many Aryans and douche bang, too much bug guts. I do not recommend. I do, however, love Neil Patrick Harris, and he is a beacon of typecast intelligence in this film. (Neil Patrick Harris!)

We had this cool guy from Spain in our German class today. Frau Doctor commended him on his independent study of German. For a split second I was so jealous that I'm not independently studying something. Not German or French, obviously, but Arabic or something like that, and then I remembered that Arabic is a ridiculously impossible language to learn independently. (Jesse, you can teach me, right?)

And then I was incredibly jealous that he was European and lives in Europe because we all know I'd love to just move across the lake, where there is actual history and where people speak multiple languages. Oh, Europe--the continent of Beckett and Ionesco and Nicolas Sarkozy (and Carla Bruni) and Ioan Gruffudd. I have not forgotten the sight of the Swiss Alps when I flew to Italy in the spring--big, cold-looking mountain things. So glorious, so big, so cold-looking.

Oh, if you are related to my brother, and are planning to give him a Christmas present, he would love the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack. Now, I find the movie schmaltzy and weird, so I don't often watch it. Apparently, my brother appreciates the sounds of schmaltz and weirdness and was nearly moved to tears by the strains of Danny Elfman. (Yeah, I know, I have the cutest brother on the face of the earth. I'm so spoiled. Other kid's brothers leave the milk out and play video games all day, and mine leaves the milk out, plays video games, and listens to film music.)


Anonymous said...

My comment is forgot to mention that your brother not only plays video games, he CREATES them. He actually spends more time creating than playing. This means he is probably smarter than most boys his age. This is not a brag from his mom, just a stating of fact.

And we thought you were awesome as a poor, pink girl in the show "You're in Town." You sang and danced with the best of em.

Get well so you can enjoy lots of turkey and fun over TG.
lots of love from your mama

Anonymous said...

Burton is strange.. Elfman is AWESOME.

Katelyn said...

"...because we all know I'd love to just move across the lake, where there is actual history and where people speak multiple languages" <--Those are my thoughts exactly.