Saturday, November 8, 2008

1. Shows can be exhausting.

2. Cool book that I just read: The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl. It's got a bit of language in it, but it is not too bad. It's kind of quirky, a short read, and it's quite clever and prophetic.

3. I just decided on the post-pink hair color. It is a secret. I am determined; it will take determination.

4. I have been sick for about a week with The Bronchitis, shortly following my roommate's adorable-but-also-really-scary bout with The Bronchitis. Basically, we have bad air over here and so my suitemates and I have all gotten respiratory problems. My roommate had one of the worst cases; she wheezed a lot and missed a lot of school and we were all terrified for her and babied her as much as we could. Well, she also got on this heavy-duty cough syrup with hydrocodone. And she was high as a kite and did some really funny things. I am now also on heavy-duty cough syrup and heavy-duty allergy medications. It isn't so bad now, but my head has very often felt like it isn't really attached to my body. I've had so many metaphysical realizations. I've tripped very many times, and I've found joy in many simple things, such as trying to catch moths and reading the fourth and fifth Harry Potter books.

(Side note: The Harry Potter series was not marketed well. Teachers clung to it because it made children want to read, and many evangelicals called it heresy and witchcraft and never exposed themselves to it. My take on it is this: Harry Potter is pop mythology. If you never explain allegory and myth to your students or children, they won't know how to take it in context. Harry Potter is not about actually becoming a witch; it is not designed to lead children into the pursuit of witchcraft; the series is really just an epic myth. It's not supposed to have practical application; it's supposed to instill in people mythic culture. Mythic culture is not all bad. There are many true things that are echoed and perpetuated in myth, and I would assert that J.K. Rowling echoes and perpetuates true things even if she didn't intend to do so.)

5. I am reading Sartre's La Nausee and to help not-very-adept-in-French me do so, I am also reading Nausea, the English translation. La Nausee almost should never be translated. It's so much better in French. Rien de nouveau.

6. I've started reading Ender's Game, too. I'll let you know what I think of it later.

7. Confession: I wish I had the money/self-discipline/fine motor skills to wear false eyelashes every single day. Because I totally would.

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