Tuesday, October 21, 2008

True Story. I call it "Tokio Hotel."

I have good news and I have bad news.

The bad news is that, unfortunately, my eyeballs hurt, my legs weigh two-hundred-six pounds each, and I kind of want to... what's a good euphemism for vomit? The only one that comes to mind is "upchuck," and I was always told that wasn't nice. I'm going to wait it out and drink Dr. Pepper. Some people seem to scoff at this remedy, but it is how my wonderful mom took care of me when I was a kid. I swear, Dr. Pepper works and it's more accessible than ginger snaps, which also take care of nausea and if Mom were here, she would get them for me.

So that's the bad news. The good news is that last night something happened that I thought was really funny, and that was this.

I call it "The Sheltered Homeschooler Doesn't Really Know What to Do with Boy Bands."

Oh, a little less than a year ago, I guess, I was starting to really try to acclimate myself to a variety of languages. So I decided to listen to pop music, and somehow I stumbled across Ich Bin Nich' Ich, right? It's a song that's a few years old, from a band called Tokio Hotel. The lead singer had this great, raspy, plucky belt. Full of character and rock and zip. I wanted to sing just like her.

I listened in blissful ignorance for a while. Like months. And then I decided to, you know, listen to a little more Tokio Hotel. Come to find out.... Tokio Hotel--and you probably know this because they're crossing over into the States after scandalizing France* AND you're probably not a sheltered homeschooler--is pretty much the German Jonas Brothers. Like, they're really big, really obnoxious. I know. If I was a normal person I would know all of this.

(*Honestly, France is really just jealous that their boy band scene is sadly lacking.)

Not only was I envious (for months) of a prepubescent boy's voice, the boy in question looked like the spawn of Gavroche from Les Miserables, Michael Jackson, Pete Wentz... and just generally like he belonged in a Stephen King novel. I don't say this to be mean; he was really a cute little kid, in kind of a Lost Boy meets The Omen sort of way.


Of course, that picture is a couple of years old, and now Bill Kaulitz looks like a really beautiful scene porcupine.

(It's not fair. He really does have nice ears and a nice face shape and nice eyebrows and a nice nose. They're just nice. Nice, delicate features are wasted on boys, but they do help them become rock stars, I suppose. Just look at Kurt Cobain and Toby Mac.)

And I've realized that I do not like Tokio Hotel's current music. It is lame; it is scene; Bill's hair looks porcupine quills; Tom Kaulitz dresses like he's trying too hard to be Eminem, who is so passe anyway.

Tokio Hotel is the most American German band I've ever seen.

That said, I also cannot stop listening to the original Schrei. The debut album. The one Ich Bin Nich' Ich is from. Because I can't help still kind of wanting to sound like pre-voice change Bill Kaulitz. Because now that I look back on it, yeah, the vocals do kind of remind me of Taylor Hanson's in mmmBop (Taylor was better, of course) and I really should have known it was a boy. Because you know what? Sometimes I like cheesy boy bands even, yes, sometimes if they're scene and kind of horrid and try way, way, way too hard. True confession. Because Durch den Monsun does get in your head, like emo boy band songs should. True confession.


Claire said...

Also, the guy is a liar. There is absolutely no way he can style his hair in under an hour.

Anonymous said...

Kurt Cobain and Toby Mac DEFINITELY became rock stars because of their delicate features. Music clearly had nothing to do with it. Who cares about music when deciding what to listen to? It's obviously all about their delicate faces.

Bitch. That was a stupid comment.

Anonymous said...

That seems bad. ***-it Claire, the line "Shut-up, Son!" is still in my head.

Claire, don't you hate it when foreign countries mimic Americans?

Ps. I have been starting to read the Shakespearean play, Merchant of Venice (I am not ruling racism and anti-semitism out of this play.)
Do you think Launcelot Gobbo was one of the first characters to use the shoulder-angel for comedic effect?

Signed, Johnboy.

Pps. Get well.

Never start with the head, it leaves the victim.. out of focus

Beth Nell said...

Oh, so I love the song that plays when I come onto your site--the one by Emmanuel Moirs( or whatever the name is! :-) It's really pretty.

Beth Nell said...

*Moire :-D

Anonymous said...

hey, can you tell me where did you get that acoustic version of Je fais de toi mon essentiel? I've been looking for it, but I haven't found. Please, tell me. Thank you!