Monday, September 29, 2008


1. Ok... thanks to my roommate, I have discovered the best BBC-TV show this side of "Are You Being Served?" It's the next "Charmed"-- it has cheesy flying arrow effects, more suspense than my Human Biology final, anachronisms out one's ears, and Harry Lloyd (progeny of Charles Dickens) (not to mention Joe Armstrong, progeny of Alun Armstrong, who you will recognize because he plays every villain--ever--on anything BBC).

So really it's not like "Charmed" at all. What it is, is "Robin Hood." AND IT'S H-AMAZING, in an anachronistic, cheesy, suspenseful, Harry Lloyd way. Roomie says it's going to get really intense. I can't wait. I hope it stays just as cheesy throughout its run.

2. Languages. Believe it or not, I still like doing my German homework. We're learning plurals. Isn't that cute? I have trouble weakening in my resolve when I think about how sure I am that I will not be in the States for a significant part of my life. New (read: old goal I've had for a zillion years but don't quite reach... ever) goal: retain French, even though I am very often intimidated by one roommate of mine, who is a French major and knows so much more and reads Hernani by Victor Hugo and reenacts the death scene to great comic effect...

3. There will, come hell or high water, be an ETC next semester. And it will, come hell or high water, include a number of plays that will be staged for the first time. chesseandaaron, if you promise to make me not be a slacker about this, I promise to not let you be a slacker about it. For real, for serious. We need to do this because you guys are mad talented and we're also going to graduate.

4. My broface called me on Saturday. I love talking to my brother! He's just so smart and I'm totally ok with being a soundboard for his brilliant ideas.

5. This past "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me" was awesome. Thank you, Mo Rocca. Fact: Mo Rocca is really smart and wears bow ties and I love him and he is just so funny on "Wait! Wait" and on "Wishbone" and on everything he's ever done, ever, including "I Love the 80's" and "The Today Show" and I. Love. Mo. Rocca. In my dreams, I am as savvy as Mo Rocca and I look just as good in a bowtie. Then I wake up and I'm clueless and wear sweats all day.


Anonymous said...

I recently started watching Robin Hood at the end of the season. When I first saw it I was like, "Oh my word, you have GOT to be kidding!" The bad acting, the anachronisms...gaaah! Yet, despite this, it made me want to watch it, because it was so ridiculous. And because of Richrad Armitage, but only because I saw him in "North and South."

Anonymous said...

Well some of the original Robin Hood stories were happy-go lucky so maybe an anachronistic campy series would be appropriate.

Your Brother