Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unsolicited Endorsements

And now, for another instance in which I proselytize regarding things I like and you should, too.

ANY AND ALL HARRY POTTER SOUNDTRACKS COMPOSED BY JOHN WILLIAMS: I don't think I need to explain this one. However, I will say that my brother does not agree. He thinks that John Williams is playing it safe with the boy wizard and his themes. To this I say, "Hedwig? Hello?" To this he says, "Aside from Hedwig's Theme, a lot of it sounds like it was borrowed from Hook!"

BANDANAS: Now that my hair has migrated from "fine, too short, I admit it" to "too long to fauxhawk--sad day!" I have been ganking bandanas from the land of the gangster. Bandanas are addicting.

MUTEMATH: I mean, have you seen the "Typical" music video? No? YOUTUBE IT, dillweed!

(Side note: I think I give them an unsolicited endorsement pretty much every time I write a post with unsolicited endorsements.)

Nope! No excuses! Youtube it, NOWnow!

HAROLD AND MAUDE: One of my favorite romantic comedies since Sunset Boulevard (which should tell you something--do not watch it if your definition of "romantic comedy" is "Sleepless in Seattle"). And the reason is mostly Bud Cort (I think I went into hysterical convulsions over his cameo on the third season of Arrested Development--that was such a good episode...) and Ruth Gordon (a talented actor who is also an absolutely fantastic screenwriter? What a novel idea!).


JONES CREAM SODA: Why? It tastes like heaven. As in, I will be disappointed if, once dead, I stick out my tongue as if to catch a snowflake and heaven does not taste like Jones Pure Cane Cream Soda. gives it four and a half stars, and Jesse and I give it a zillion.

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Anonymous said...

I think you take my criticisms of the Harry Potter soundtracks too seriously.

There are some great musical tracks throughout the soundtrack series.
I like some of the individual themes in the series.

And yes, If any of the other themes were 2/3rds as good as Hedwig's theme, I would say it was pretty dawgin' incredible!

However, none of it is groundbreaking enough for me to shell out big money for any one particular soundtrack in the series.

Ps. Once a good, cheap, Harry Potter ANTHOLOGY of the nice themes comes out I will be the first to make a purchase.

There is really nothing WRONG with the music of Harry Potter, it just feels like he could do better and more complicated stuff.

That being said, even with its flaws, Harry Potter is easily the best scored movie series
in children's fantasy movies in a really long time and fun for diehard film music buffs. (With my PERSONAL reservations, of course)

John Alsto