Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do you want my vote?

I think there's a common misconception that because I am neither at least thirty nor the owner of a television, I don't care about the national election.

This misconception is also rooted in the accurate belief that I am occasionally both skeptical and apathetic. For instance, I have trouble telling the difference between most Republicans and most Democrats. Reason being, they do basically the same things in office. Most Republicans are not fascists. Most Democrats are not communists. And they don't really get anything done anyway. A Republican president will not end abortion, no matter how much he might appeal to my mother. And most of the candidates would plan to keep troups in Iraq for at least a little while.

The Supreme Court has a lot of power, but justices also stubbornly refuse to die or retire until they are reassured of their party's ability to put a similar justice in place.

Because I really can't tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats, it's hard to care which one wins.

But I am trying to remain informed. I'd really like to vote this time around, and it's a disgrace to my conscience to vote stupid.

So, yes, Hillary. My home page may be Facebook, but I am informed. Sort of.

See, here's the thing. I may be "differently informed" than many people.

My favorite politically themed website is

I listen to NPR very frequently. I've heard that this makes me a socialist. I don't care; I like NPR. I have a crush on Carl Kassell and I want his voice on my home answering machine. I don't have a home answering machine. Maybe he'd do my cell phone voice mail.

I also have the US Politics Facebook application. Right above the Addicted to Arrested Development application.

The US Politics application allows me to see candidates' profiles, which reinforces my belief that they are all very similar people. Barack Obama, one of the most liberal Democratic frontrunners, and Mike Huckabee, one of the most conservative Republican candidates, both list The Godfather among their favorite movies.

Dennis Kucinich likes Sicko. Mitt Romney has no listed favorite movies, and Hillary just doesn't really have a personality.

It's on issues like these that my real opinion of these people is forged. Like it or not, America, I am you.


ominousoat said...

I have two items of advice:

Avoid Huckabee at all costs.

Avoid Clinton at all costs.

I do agree that presidents get very little done, and that's good because that means checks and balances are working, and we all know America will remain screwed up until the end of time. My feelings are that the only purposes for a president are as a scapegoat or just as a general "face" for our government.

That being said I support Barack on the grounds that he is black and had muslim roots, and he would help build our image with middle eastern countries, which is my personal "hot button issue" this election season due to my belief that diplomacy will be a much better deterrant to terrorism than reaffirming our image as a "bully" nation.

That's my...erm...looks like about 5 cents, sorry I gave three too many.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you; it's hard to tell who's who between parties. I hate voting without really knowing who I'm voting for. It's also hard to get past the whole "Christian must vote Republican" mentality most of my friends have.