Sunday, August 5, 2007

Short Thoughts

1. I got tired of Gogol. (It's not a permanent thing, I'm sure.) I'd read Plato's Republic, but I'm afraid I'd want to go back to Gogol (very desperately) before I finished. And I have to finish things.

2. I am, irrevocably, not High School anymore. I am College. I suppose I have been Not High School for several years now, but there's nothing like High School Musical (which is, I suppose, also Not Like High School) to remind me that I am a college girl living in a college world. It hurts that my college bubble will shortly burst, but such is the nature of education in the United States.

3. The new Marple series adapted Ordeal by Innocence--a travesty, since that particular novel, a good one, is not a Miss Marple mystery at all--which brings to mind the psychological struggles of the innocent, especially in an unsolved injustice: the suspicions, the fear. But then the guilty are also usually affected by crime: the suspicions, the fear. So who is hurt worse by injustices? Does it matter who is perceived by fallible humanity as more or less at fault?


4. They're also making a new Oliver Twist. Now, why do I love this book? It is as complex as any old other Dickens novel (with perhaps the exception of Great Expectations) although it's fast-paced with an Artful Dodger, which Great Expectations is totally without.

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