Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things about College that I'll Miss

I'm mostly trying to restrict this to non-people... because that's the "well, duh" that I'll miss and people deserve their own entries.

1. Oreo Mint milkshakes from Cook-Out. Otherwise known as Three AM Delight. Otherwise known as the Freshman Fifteen. Cook-Out may claim it offers forty-six or whatever flavors... no, no, it doesn't. It offers one flavor, and that flavor is Oreo Mint.

2. While I do not miss that WYSIWYG all-nighter for Fundies--when Zink came over on a Sunday night to help us out and Jesse's computer flipped out--I will, however, miss being able to tell that story to freshmen/theatre majors at other schools/anyone who knows what WYSIWYG is.

3. Listening to/halfway watching Arrested Development episodes while theoretically "writing a paper." Right now I'm watching the episode when Buster inadvertently flirts with Lucille 2 by not wearing his glasses.

4. Rocking out to German musicals while cleaning the room.

5. Recycle bins everywhere.

6. The fort.

7. Onion rings, mini corn dogs, birthday cake ice cream: what the caf does right.

8. Blueberry coffee from "Le Cafe Bibliotheque"--the stupidest name for a cafe at the library ever.

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