Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm on to you, aliens

Dear extra-terrestrials,

I have not read the entire Agatha Christie spectrum of mystery for nothing. I can use those little gray cells. I have made the following observation.

All of our VHS chick flicks are AWOL. Sleepless in Seattle (complete with Rob Reiner and Rosie O'Donnell)... Sarah, Plain and Tall (complete with cheesy 90's Hallmark commercials from when we taped it)... Little Women (complete with Christian Bale.) (I know! This is a tragically tragic occurrence!)

From this observation, I can make several deductions.

1. We were not burgled. All burglers now have DVD players.

2. If we were not burgled, the videos were either confiscated by my father or brother... or abducted by aliens.

I have questioned the male members of my family carefully and threatened them with horrible things: dragging them to shoe stores, making them sit through Sense and Sensibility, interrogating them for their manpinion on my nail polish choices (ok, I make them do that anyway). I am confident that they have not taken my chick flicks. Therefore, I can deduce...

3. The particular brand of alien who has made off with Winona, Meg, and Glenn (and possibly others who have slipped my mind) owns a video playing device.

4. The particular brand of alien is probably female.

I'm sure this limits my suspects considerably. Until I find you, Girl E.T., I assure you that I will be guarding my remaining girly media with all the powers I have in my persuasion. You will NOT take my Jane Austen.


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Anonymous said...

I just watched "Sense and Sensability" today. I've seen it three times and remembered the plot, but my sister (who has seen it as many times as I) was quoting it.
Viva Jane Austen!!!